All the serious elements of your day are over, so it's time to loosen those ties and get on the dancefloor!

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If you've picked the right venue, and we all know you have, you'll have a fantastic setting for your big day, but equally a decent place to let loose and have a party at the end of the day. Getting entertainment right is important, the last thing you want is everyone sat around bored and listless when they should be celebrating. The obvious choices are to hire a band or a fantastic DJ.

Either option will get people dancing or at least keep them entertained, but some influence as to what they play on your part would help. Remember a vast array of ages will be present, playing your unique taste in hard house music or heavy metal may go down well with you and your friends, but elderly relatives or those with young children may see playing this music as a prompt to leave.

One good idea is to send off a music request form to come back with guests' RSVP with their invitations. Ask them to list a top three of their favourite tunes and then there's no excuse for them not to get on the dancefloor! Do feel free to vet choices though, it's your wedding!